This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the processing of personal data by Instituto Escalae, SL  (the “Institute”, or “Us”) and its users on or via any other website or app owned by the Institute and covered by this Policy.

Unless any mandatory local regulation stipulates otherwise, this Policy shall be governed by Spanish legislation.

1. Consent

When using the services provided over the Internet via the “TEACHERSPRO” web portal ( and, in particular, when providing Us with your personal information upon registering or contacting Us for any reason via the web portal or any other website covered by this Policy (hereinafter jointly referred to as our “Services”), you (the “User”) explicitly give your acceptance in writing to this Policy and you grant Us your full consent to compile, store and process your personal data pursuant to the terms and conditions laid down in this Policy, including the issue of our own or third party electronic commercial communications (unless you indicated that you do not wish to receive such communications).

We may amend this Policy as necessary to adapt it to future changes to the law, jurisprudence or in accordance with our business needs, without such a change having retroactive effects. We will inform you of such changes by posting a notification on our Services section and in this Policy and/or via email to the address you provided Us with to this end.

2. Data collection

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and the implementing regulations thereof or any others replacing it, the Institute informs users of our Services that the following personal data will be incorporated into one or more personal data files controlled by the Institute, and of the fact that their data will be processed in accordance with this Policy.

Browsing. We do not collect any kind of personal data if you are merely browsing our Services without identifying yourself as a registered user, except in the cases specified in the Cookie Policy or in this Policy.

Web forms. If you send Us any web form other than the registration form (contact, comments), we will collect the data set out in said forms, including name and email address and technical data attesting to acceptance of the form (logs, IP, time, date and similar). Required fields are specified. This data will be used in order to process your request (depending on the form) and contact you in relation to future notifications. Required fields are marked as such on the form and if you fail to complete them, the request will not be accepted.

User registration. When you apply for admission to one of the Institute’s services, we will compile the following personal data from you as a registered user (as set out in the General Terms and Conditions): country, region, forename, surname, email address, photograph, password, primary education institution and secondary education institution (as specified in the form), data concerning subscription type, and technical data attesting to acceptance of the form (logs, IP, time, date and similar). Required fields are marked as such on the form and if you fail to complete them, your registration will not be processed.

Data provided by third party companies. When you choose the option to not fill in the registration form but instead to identify yourself on the web portal via third party company user accounts, for instance Facebook, Inc., you are aware that those companies will provided us with certain data concerning the User (forename, surname, photograph, email address and, if available, country or region) in accordance with the specific privacy and/or cookie policies of these companies (to which the User will have agreed beforehand). We will endeavour as far as possible to not gain access to more data than is strictly needed to assure the User a smooth experience and suitable operation of the web portal.

3. Third party data

Generally speaking, it is not permitted to provide Us with or to post third party data on our Services. Exceptionally, the following third party data may be disclosed on the web portal:

(i) their own ratings in relation to other Users of TEACHERSPRO envisaged in our Services; and

(ii) third party data for which express consent to the processing thereof has been given in our Services, in other words, informed consent from the third party owner of said data (or their parents/guardian, if applicable) as well as express authorisation along these lines in relation to the Institute, once the Institute has been provided with evidence of the pertinent consent using the procedure specified on the web portal or via email to

Accordingly, to the extent possible, the User shall delete or make anonymous information containing personal data belonging to third parties in content and material uploaded by the User to the web portal (i.e., documents containing names of pupils or students, photographs with the faces of third parties). Where it is possible (with videos, sound recordings), the User should secure informed consent from the interested parties (or parents or legal guardians, as applicable) as required for the aforesaid processing.

In instances where the User submits to the website or web portal User content containing personal data belonging to non-user third parties (“Data of Non-User Third Parties”, for instance, forename and surname or photographs of pupils, recordings, etc.), the User (“User/Data Controller”) undertakes to secure informed consent from said non-user third parties or their legal guardians in accordance with this Privacy Policy and likewise:

  • Assures that the User/Data Controller or third party/data controller (for instance, an educational institution, hereinafter “Third Party/Data Controller”) comply with the remaining obligations pertaining to their category as the controller of the file or files containing the aforementioned personal data pursuant to applicable legislation.

  • Undertakes and indeed assures the Institute upon request by it (by email to the email address designated upon registration or that designated by the User to this end via the web portal prior to the communication procedure) to immediately send it as soon as possible proof of compliance by it or the Third Party/Data Controller in relation to securing the required informed consent and with regard to compliance with the remaining obligations applicable as the file controller. 

The institute shall delete any third party personal data disclosed by a User if it finds out that the posting of it via the web portal does not meet these terms and conditions.

If you have any query, please review the FAQ section of the web portal  or contact Us at

Prohibited confidential information. In ALL CASES it is strictly forbidden to disclose on the web portal any data containing confidential information concerning identifiable persons (third parties or yourself), such as: ethnic origin; trade union membership; religion, creed and sexual orientation; health; data concerning a criminal history, procedures, penalties or fines of all types, relating to domestic violence; or CVs or similar résumés of personal data that define the characteristics or character of citizens and make it possible to assess specific aspects of their behaviour or personality .

4. Use of data

Purposes defined in web forms. The purpose of personal data included in web forms other than registration forms is specified in each individual form and the options checked by the User (contact, complaints, request for information, rating, etc.).

General. The personal data we collect is used for the purposes of:

  • Managing, executing and developing the Services;

  • Managing all of the Institute’s activities in relation to the User;

  • Maintaining contact with the User and notifying said User about our Services, and for future communications concerning new services, offers and promotions linked to the products and services provided by the Institute;

  • Offering information on or for signing up with partner and associated companies of the Institute for educational or vocational development. In addition, providing information concerning those companies if you agree to this use;

  • Managing any newsletters, notification emails or commercial communications in general relating to the Services and products and any new provisions, offers and promotions we may provide;

  • Complying with the general and specific terms and conditions applicable and with other legal requirements, and for the legal defence of the Institute and its interests; and

  • Analysing the use of the Services in order to make improvements or to draw conclusions concerning the education sector.

5. Disclosure

We process your personal data confidentially in accordance with applicable legislation. Your personal data will not be assigned or transferred to third parties without your permission.

Nevertheless, we will disclose any aspect of information, both personal and otherwise, in relation to the User or the use said party makes of our Services (a) in accordance with a legal obligation; or (b) in order to meet other obligations in line with applicable regulations and the rules set out in the web portal terms and conditions. Specifically, your username shall be visible on any contribution you make to the web portal (post, uploaded material) in order to identify the origin and/or author of the post.

Likewise, in order to allow Us to offer our Services suitably and in accordance with the instructions given by the User (including the User’s Service settings and the User’s activity on TEACHERSPRO), the Institute shall disclose to third parties all personal data the User has decided to publish. Accordingly, at times (as determined by the User):

  • They may be viewed by specific Users of the Service.

  • They may be viewed by all Users of the Service.

  • They may be viewed worldwide by all Internet users.

Moreover, in the case of sponsored registered users, the organisation sponsoring their subscription to the premium service may view their personal data (said organisation must ask for consent from the User and inform them of this circumstance using whatever mediums the organisation deems necessary).

6. International data transfer

The User’s personal data that are specified as such by said User (in accordance with their instructions, as specified in the foregoing stipulation of this Policy) may be accessed and/or viewed by other Users of the web portal in any country around the world for the specific purpose of providing the Service and, in particular, for communications among Users and for the assessment of their teaching evidence. The User expressly consents to the aforesaid international transfer of personal data to other Users for the purposes of taking part in the TEACHERSPRO user community and promoting relations between Users.

In instances where the User/Data Controller submits to the website or web portal content involving “Data of Non-User Third Parties”, they undertake to secure informed consent from said non-user third parties or their legal guardians as required by this Policy (including but not limited to consent relating to international data transfers).

7. Access to and use of third party personal data by Users and the Institute

This Service involves:

(a) access by Users to the personal data of other Users that is processed under the responsibility of the Institute or third parties for whom the Institute is the data processor; and, if applicable,

(b) access by the Institute and other Users to the Data of Non-User Third Parties (as defined in stipulation 3 of this Policy) which is processed under the responsibility of the User/Data Controller or a Third Party/Data Controller.

Pursuant to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection, the aforementioned accesses by the User (hereinafter “User/Data Processor”) and/or the Institute shall not be deemed disclosure or assignment of data; rather, merely gaining access to third party data as necessary for the provision of the Services (including, without limitation, functions involving the viewing and assessment of the activity of other Users), and, as a result, the User/Data Processor and the Institute shall be deemed the “data processor” when access to said data is made. To this end, they each independently undertake to:

  1. a) Comply with all obligations stemming from the LOPD and Royal Decree 1720/2007 (or any regulations replacing them) or any legislation applicable with regard to privacy.

  2. b) Process personal data accessed solely in line with legitimate purposes relating to the use of TEACHERSGOPRO and the instructions given by the respective data controller.

  3. c) Not assign or use personal data supplied for purposes other than those set out in these terms and conditions and not disclose it to other individuals and organisations even when intended for the preservation of it.

  4. d) Adopt all technical and organisational measures needed to assure the security of personal data accessed in order to prevent the unauthorised access, processing, loss or alteration of it in accordance with the requirements laid down in the aforementioned Royal Decree. Notwithstanding specific instructions from the respective file controller, the security measures to be applied are the basic measures set out in the aforesaid Royal Decree.

  5. f) Not disclose under any consideration any personal data accessed when it is confidential in nature, unless necessary in order to provide a specific Service according to the agreement or when legally required. Compliance with this obligation shall remain enforceable upon the termination of contractual relations between the parties.

  6. e) Destroy all documents and other materials containing personal data or return them to the controller upon the conclusion of your subscription to TEACHERSPRO or at the request of the respective data controller.

In the event of failure to comply with these obligations, the User will be deemed as the data controller and shall be liable for all infringements personally committed, whereby the Institute and any other file controller linked to the data accessed shall be held free from all liability (notwithstanding the Institute’s authority to terminate the agreement). 

8. Our own or third party commercial communications

When filling in and submitting your personal data to Us, as the User you expressly agree to receive electronic commercial communications from Us linked to the Institute’s services and products, including alerts, notifications, newsletters, offers and promotions from the Institute and third parties (see paragraph below). If you do not wish to receive such commercial communications, please advise us using the specific form or follow the instructions given in each commercial communication.

Likewise, for the purposes of article 45.1 b) of the regulation implementing the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection, the User gives consent to the issue of communications, including e-communications and commercial notices, relating to services and products of the Institute and third parties (partners or associates of the Institute) for the purposes of advertising or commercial research in the training, education, publishing and major consumer product sectors.

9. User rights

The User is entitled to access, rectify, delete, block and object to any processing of his personal data. Moreover, consent to the processing of personal information and data may be withdrawn at any time. Such a waiver shall not have retroactive effects, although it may prevent a continuation in the provision of the Services and result in cancellation of the subscription to the programmes you signed up for. The foregoing shall be notwithstanding the applicable provisions of Spanish legislation concerning the preservation of data for the purposes of defending our liability and complying with legally enforced obligations. In order to exercise the aforesaid rights, please contact Us via email at or write to Us at Instituto Escale, S.L., C/ Numancia, no. 185, 2o 2a, 08034 Barcelona, Spain.

10. Payment gateway

As specified in the General Terms and Conditions, in order to subscribe to our Service you will need to use the Banco de Sabadell, S.A. “Virtual POS” payment gateway, the services of which are subject to their own specific terms and conditions, privacy policy and legal texts that you must agree to (you can review information concerning said organisation and its services at the following link The payment gateway is covered by its own privacy policy and it is the controller of the personal data you submit to it. We cannot control the processing by the aforesaid organisation of any data you consented by submitting to it.

Likewise, in future we may use other payment gateways without the need to amend this Policy. They shall be subject to their own privacy policies, whereby we have no control over the processing of any data you consent to with said parties.

Date: 07.12.2016

Version: 2.0