Research, development and innovation in learning solutions to improve teaching practice and educational processes.

The Escalae Institute is a private institution committed to research and development of innovative solutions to ensure ongoing improvement in teaching and learning in the field of education and training.

We strive to be part of the global movement for quality and equality in education, an education which responds to the challenges of the 21st century. This is why at the Escalae Institute we are committed to the creation of solutions that help lay the foundations of teaching practice, to work in greater unison and ultimately, to constantly improve our work in the classroom.

Therefore, our work is developed from an evidence-based education, within professional learning communities, through reflection and through periods of continuous improvement.

We believe that student learning must form the beginning and end of all teaching processes. We therefore encourage teaching practices that are consistent with the learning objectives committed to, and based on the science of learning.

We specialise in the areas of teaching quality, educational innovation and reflective practice processes among professionals. We have worked with hundreds of educational institutions in the last 10 years, as well as various education departments in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Qatar, among other countries.