Digital competence in teaching

Digital competence


This challenge teaches how to design, select and integrate technological resources to enhance teaching and learning processes. Using innovative methods to promote the generation of knowledge, motivate students and raise their expectations, thus improving the quality of their learning.

45h online with academic recognition*.

24h approx. on the platform (theory).

21h approx. in the classroom (practical).

* Escalae Chair of Educational Innovation of the University of Malaga

39,90 € - Price for private teachers.

For those responsible for educational and governmental entities , request your personalized advice .


Teaching competence
that it develops:

Educational resources


Didactic resources to support teaching and facilitate learning, being essential to communicate, propose activities and build knowledge. Their proper use favors learning and supports teachers in their educational work.

Skills acquired
with the challenge
Digital competence
of the teacher
Enhancing and perfecting your digital competence is essential for your professional development as a teacher, learning to identify, value and improve your digital skills on this educational platform.
Criteria for the selection of digital resources
Create learning activities that encourage the use of web resources selected and evaluated with appropriate criteria.
Flipped learning: how to
turn the classroom upside down
Design of materials and effective strategies to implement the Flipped Learning model in the classroom, turning the teacher into the guide of the group, leading the learning process in an innovative way.
Why does this challenge drive the development professional development?

Promotes the use of technology in education, strengthening teachers' skills and competencies. By innovating their approach through the incorporation of technological resources, teachers can enrich the learning experience of students and improve educational outcomes.

Learning environment
Pedagogical practice

Projects such as Creative Classroom Research (CCR), Educalab and UNESCO OREALC have established ICT competencies and standards from a pedagogical perspective, highlighting the importance of integrating technology in education. By facing the challenge of using technology effectively in the classroom, teachers are motivated to acquire new skills, achieve levels of digital competence, learn from innovative methodologies and adapt to a constantly changing educational environment, which contributes significantly to their professional development and the continuous improvement of their educational work.

Why does this challenge enhance the
student learning experience?

How do you achieve all this
with TeachersPRO?

Our innovative methodology transforms your pedagogical approach and
improves knowledge transfer to the classroom.

Through a personalized self-diagnosis supported by artificial intelligence, we analyze the teaching needs and offer an adapted itinerary. This approach allows us to first strengthen the most relevant skills and then develop competencies in line with the selected challenge.


Analysis of case studies and varied scenarios to enrich educational practice. .


Use of simulations to strengthen the learning process .


Incorporation of relevant theoretical foundations to support the subject matter.


Development of specific application proposals to be implemented in educational or work environments .


Self-assessment to reflect on personal performance.


Recommendations, suggestions and concrete examples to carry out real practices, collect evidence and share experiences with other teachers in the community.

Three uniquecircles of support for the
transfer of knowledge knowledge to practice

Group 605

Support peer-to-peer

Our goal is for TeachersPRO to be a community where the great strength of the teaching collective is harnessed for professional learning, promoting an enriching environment where each teacher assumes the role of mentor with his or her peers and recognizes this same role in the rest of the teaching community.

Support support

The educational institution is the best support for its teaching team when applying learning in concrete professional environments. At TeachersPRO, we not only recommend, but also create tools to foster effective accompaniment and constructive feedback on the pedagogical practices shared by teachers.

Support personalized

TeachersPRO provides additional guidance, with our expert mentoring supported by artificial intelligence, teachers receive expert and constructive feedback on their evidence immediately upon publication, effectively empowering learning.

TeachersPRO: A global community of teachers who thrive in community.

With the virtual professionalization environment, each teacher has at his or her disposal thousands of real evidence of education professionals with similar interests, as well as the option of sharing their own evidence of their work to inspire them, improve their practice and generate more learning in the classroom.

Global Community
System of
recognition + PRO

At TeachersPRO, we validate knowledge through three types of recognition: badges for demonstrated skills, academic recognition of 45 hours upon completion of the challenge, and the option to obtain professional certifications in collaboration with the University of Turku, Finland, based on the competencies acquired.

Join TeachersPRO and enhance your professional development with a global community of memorable teachers.