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Maximize your teaching skills in a learning community

TeachersPRO is the virtual professionalization environment you need to enhance your pedagogical skills.

You can now be part of the 

+50,000 PRO teachers


Maximize your teaching skills

TeachersPRO is the virtual professionalization environment you need to enhance your pedagogical skills.

You can now be part of our learning community with

+50,000 PRO teachers

Why be part of the +PRO learning community learning community of teachers transforming the world?

At TeachersPRO, we honor your passion for teaching. Our approach to making your teacher training to be effective has resulted in an innovative model to enhance transfer to practice.

Develop 16 essential competencies for memorable teaching through 19 challenges with personalized resources, teacher-to-teacher support and international certifications.

A learning learning community of memorable teachers thriving together!

Transform forever the way to raise your teaching profile with the resources +PRO

At TeachersPRO we transform teacher development, drawing inspiration from the best of Finnish pedagogy and professional culture. Finnish pedagogy and professional culture.
Our model

Our model is scientifically supported from the Escalae Institute (Barcelona) and the University of Turku (Finland).

TeachersPRO raises the transfer to practice in teacher training from 10-15% to 80%. 10-15% to 80%, marking a significant change in educational impact

How did we arrive at this?

With more than 10 years of research, a framework of 16 competencies for effective teaching, grounded in the learning sciences, has been developed .

Through an analysis and validation that covered more than 1,000 educational institutions, from preschool to university level in 11 countries, with the participation of more than 20,000 teachers.

We decided to transform the professional development of teachers, designing a virtual environment based on professional learning communities, with a strong educational focus.

We observed that the transfer to practice of teacher training is low, according to the studies analyzed, between 5% and 15%, basically due to the lack of a post-course institutional design.

For more than 6 years, we have been working on the effectiveness of the platform, with more than 30,000 users and the collection of more than 25,000 real evidences, allowing us to adjust and improve the model in practice through the continuous collection of quantitative and qualitative data. 

Get to know the content structure that will turn you into an a +PRO teacher!

Thanks to its algorithms and model with generative artificial intelligence,
TeachersPRO adapts to each teaching profile, offering assistance and
recommendations focused on their pedagogical needs, covering 16 essential competencies for all types of teaching.

Framework of 16 pedagogical competencies for memorable teaching.

+140 Skills

60 already available in our own competency framework and 4 dimensions.

+10 Years
validated by the
University of Turku.
+800 Hours

of content already available
(60 skills in Spanish,
English and other languages).

Benefits of belonging to the

+PRO learning community

Community benefits
  • Master innovative, evidence-based methodologies and develop your professional develop your professionalism professionalism.
  • Boost your employability by certifying your mastery with badges, academic recognition and international certifications. international certifications.
  • Learn from the practice of teachers with similar interests to yours, in a learning community. learning community community.
  • Optimize your time in the preparation of new internships with suggestions and personalized recommendations that improve your teaching work.

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