We are joining together to transform the perspective of professional teacher training professional teacher training

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We united to transform the perspective of teacher professional development professional development

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As education professionals, we identified the difficulty teachers have in transferring what they have learned in courses to classroom implementation. Therefore, we designed TeachersPRO to support the development of new habits in our practice based on 3 circles of support:

Peer review system, institutional support with learning analytics, and expert AI mentoring.

After 10 years of research, TeachersPRO, an initiative supported by the University of Turku in Finland, was created with the purpose of reorienting teacher training to integrate the best of Finnish professional culture and pedagogy.

The platform evolves teacher training by offering a continuous and effective learning system to educational institutions, and implements competence certification in collaboration with the University of Turku.

The study conducted by the Escalae Institute showed that TeachersPRO can increase knowledge transfer to the classroom from the usual 10-15% to more than 80%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the approach and methodologies implemented.

TeachersPRO offers each teacher personalized feedback through a mentoring team to develop their teaching talent and optimize their knowledge transfer to the classroom.

The 2.0 Platform, based on the experience of more than 30,000 users and multiple educational entities in 11 countries, integrates generative artificial intelligence to personalize teacher feedback and an educational talent management system.


Our commitment:

Helping to meet the sustainable development goal of the

UN on Quality Education,

Transforming the culture of professional teacher education.

We strive to be part of the change towards a world with access to quality education for all people, we know that the key lies in effective professional teacher training through competencies.

We seek to transform teacher training to promote educational excellence at a global level, through a virtual environment of continuous and personalized learning, with a combination of advanced pedagogy and cutting-edge technology.

How TeachersPRO is redefining teacher professional development

Development of competencies

Based on a proprietary framework with scientific evidence, TeachersPRO's virtual environment provides the opportunity to develop 16 essential pedagogical competencies and 144 skills that any teacher should master for effective teaching.

Professional development

High technology
enhancing pedagogy

At TeachersPRO, there are no sessions or end dates. Our model is based on personalized challenges, continuous access to content, community learning, gamified recognition and artificial intelligence. This allows the platform to adapt and learn from each user in order to deliver memorable learning experiences.

The science behind it
by TeachersPRO

According to research conducted by the Escalae Institute, TeachersPRO increases the implementation of professional teacher training from 10-15% to 80% transfer to practice.

Learn more about the study "Reflective pedagogical innovation in professional learning communities and its impact on institutional teacher training".

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We work with determination to contribute to the future of teacher professional development as a fundamental pillar of educational quality.

We work with determination to contribute to the future of teacher professional development as a fundamental pillar of educational quality. as a fundamental pillar of educational quality.