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At TeachersPRO, we are committed to improving pedagogical practice and quality education to enhance student learning.

The virtual environment allows us to raise educational standards and strengthen teachers' professional development, positively impacting education.

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TeachersPRO learns from each teacher by offering personalized recommendations to support their progress according to their availability.

Teacher accompaniment

We accompany each teacher with various types of constructive and gamified feedback to guarantee an improvement in their performance.

Budget optimization

TeachersPRO offers flexible subscription models and technology-based customization, helping to maximize budget and ensure efficient use of resources.

Educational community development

Evidence-based sharing of best practices among teachers promotes collaborative, reflective and rigorous learning, essential elements for educators in the 21st century.

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Our model, based on scientific evidence, focuses on the certification of essential teaching competencies, providing governmental entities with the necessary the necessary tool to raise educational standards and develop their own teaching talent management system.


A study of more than 10 years with thousands of teachers was the starting point for the development of a framework of 16 essential teaching competencies. development of a framework of 16 essential teaching competencies.

Challenges and skills

Challenges and skills in teaching practice were analyzed with more than from 1,000 educational entities in 11 countries, demonstrating their effectiveness and impact.


The low terminal efficiency of existing teacher training was taken into account, being between 5 % and 15 %, due to the lack of support for the transfer of knowledge to the classroom .


Over the past 6 years, we have improved the platform with the collaboration of more than 30,000 users and the collection of more than 25,000 real evidences.

TeachersPRO has been shown to increase the transfer of teacher training to the classroom from a range of 10-15% to 80%. 10-15% to 80% in less than a year. in less than a year.

Internationally validated:

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how the +PRO training model works.

The virtual environment uses artificial intelligence algorithms to personalize training for each teacher through learning challenges, focusing on their specific needs and covering 16 essential competencies for effective teaching, ensuring quality education.

Teaching organization

Teaching Organization

Professional development

Professional Development

Setting the objectives

Approach to objectives

Learning Treatment

Learning processing



Classroom activities

Classroom activities


Learning process

Interpersonal relationships

Interpersonal relationships

Social organization of the classroom

Social organization of the classroom

Time management

Time management

Learning environments

Learning environment

Educational resources

Educational resources

Contextualization of learning

Contextualization of learning

Center activities

Center activities

Security and tutoring

Follow-up and tutoring



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Quality of education

Best continued in the

quality education

Teaching methods

Constant innovation in

effective teaching methods

Professional development

Continuing professional development

of the faculty

Management system


educational management system

Community involvement

Increased community participation

professional learning teacher

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