Content designed to
enhance teaching skills

Learn about the most innovative training routes

Competency framework for memorable teaching

Our model is based on 4 main dimensions that include 16 essential competencies. These competencies are acquired by overcoming challenges designed to improve teaching skills.

Learn about the training path for each competency, the challenges and the teaching skills that are developed through them.

Three circles of support adapted to the needs of each teacher

The virtual environment offers a unique post-course instructional design for the development of teaching skills, based on the evidence shared by each student, forming a personalized and permanent training itinerary.

Mentor support

Mentor Support .IA

We implement artificial intelligence to provide personalized feedback, create a tailored training plan and improve teaching skills.


Peer-to-peer support

TeachersPRO fosters teachers' professional growth through a collaborative environment where they share evidence and support each other as mentors.

Institutional support

Institutional support

We empower teaching practice withpowerful learning analytics and tools for constructive feedback from the educational entity.

The program for the development of teaching skills with further supports to ensure transfer to professional practice.

Scientific evidence

Contents supported by current scientific evidence on learning processes.

Our model is backed by more than 10 years of research on the empirically proven psychopedagogical and neuroscientific foundations of learning, supported by the Escalae Institute in Barcelona and the University of Turku in Finland .

University of turku
With TeachersPRO you have the tools proven tools to enhance the impact of teaching in the classroom.